Are you having problems with your relationships or friendships?

Free initial assessment by phone for all new clients, just call 01761 415473.

We offer a free phone assessment to see if we can work together. If and when you feel the time is right for you to have a session, then please write or call for an appointment. Our office is in Midsomer Norton 30 minutes drive / 40 minutes bus south of Bath, or we can offer sessions by E-mail, phone or Skype.

My wife and I work as a partnership. We specialise in relationship support both in business and personal life. We believe that most of the talking therapies spend too much time talking about the symptoms of a problem rather than the cause. We find that unless and until the cause is identified, it is likely that the symptoms will return and as a result, the patient does not move forward or may take years to do so.

We deal with the following types of situation.

      • Should I stay with my partner?
      • I have met someone but I’m not sure whether they are right for me.
      • I am divorced but am wracked by feelings of guilt
      • My partner has passed away and I cannot get over it

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A few words about myself.
I blend the skill of a Life Coach (The Coaching Academy) with my psychic expertise, empathic support and care,  I can offer you valuable insight into your relationship issues. I have built up a solid background of over 30,000 readings.

Many folk worry and fret for months and even years
Just one session can make such a difference and give you that moment when the penny drops – whew – what a relief that can be!

However new you are to this give me a try. You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Your privacy will be honoured and respected. Wherever you are coming from we will give you the support and information that you need for the next stages.If you need an instant resolution please use the premium rate number on this page. For a phone session please call the enquiry number to make an appointment. The Bath, Somerset area contains qualified people in many disciplines. Do not be bashful about asking around and maybe talkign with three or four people. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with

Brian Snellgrove.